What is the Emotion Code?

Have you ever felt a negative emotion, like anger, fear, anxiety, despair, or humiliation? Is it possible it wasn't processed in a healthy way? Is there really a way to target specific emotional baggage you're carrying around and remove it permanently?!

What can the Emotion Code do for you?

What conditions can the Emotion Code ass

"List of conditions and diseases that my patients came to me with, where trapped emotions appeared as a contributing factor, and many times as the entire cause of the condition."

-The Emotion Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson


What We Offer

Each Energy Healing session includes the full spectrum of Hannah's expertise, not only in Emotion Code, but also with Body Code, Frequency Healing, Belief Clearing, Entity Clearing, and nutritional recommendations. Each session is uniquely tailored to give your body exactly what you need in every session!

Emotion Code Therapy

Release blockages in your life affecting everything from connection in your relationships to healing from addiction and chronic illness. Find freedom from self-sabotage and finally live the life you deserve! Give this gift of freedom and joy to your spouse, children, and even your furry friends, who feel emotions just like you do!

Body Code

Taking the Emotion Code a thousand steps further, the Body Code gives us a way to pinpoint every possible energetic imbalance - from meridians, subconscious mental blocks, pathogens and toxins, electrical short circuits, and more!

Frequency Healing

Our bodies are full of electrical circuits, and our brain is like the most complex computer. It is estimated that our bodies have, on average, 1.2 million different frequencies, or individual programs running all the time! Simply by installing or uninstalling mathematical frequencies (much like installing a new program or deleting an old one on your computer), we can bring the body's energy back into balance (harmony versus chaos). Thanks to Lloyd Mear, who has identified thousands of exact frequencies that contribute to the health and vitality of the body, we are able to attack dis-ease and give life back to the body! To learn more about his work, visit


Hannah is trained in this frequency healing modality as well, and integrates them into her healing sessions. Book a session for a comprehensive overview of the state of your body's balance between harmony and chaos.

Nutrition Response Testing

Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of yo-yo diets, energy crashes, and toxicities - and have been bounced from doctor to doctor with no lasting results? Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying causes of ill health. When these are corrected through safe, natural, nutritional means, the body can repair itself in order to attain and maintain more optimum health. We specialize in opening the body's detox pathways, and giving your system the most efficient, effective means to heal. Our track record in breakthroughs for people who have been told they have no other options is EXCELLENT.



Hannah is a native to Colorado and a mom of two - passionate about educating and enabling people to live their most authentic, vibrant lives. 

After landing in the hospital for emergency gallbladder removal in 2016, she started on her journey of seeking out more holistic, natural health care options. Not satisfied with the current "sick care" system of removing organs and suppressing symptoms with medication, she was open to learning about much more ancient and integrated methods of healing.


After being on a Nutrition Response program for 3 years, and starting her two children on programs of their own, Hannah went to school to become a practitioner herself. She saw the life-saving changes in her mom, kids, friends, and knew there were other options people should be aware of when it comes to preventative and holistic health care.


After seeing such drastic changes when correcting her diet and taking a whole food supplement program specifically designed for her, a whole new world opened up. Now that the fog of blood sugar crashes, depression, low energy, and chronic infections were gone, she started seeking out options to improve mental health and relationship bonding with her children. Along came the Emotion Code! Not only did she see immediate changes in her son's behavior after trying other options for years, but her eating disorder has disappeared, along with several other physical ailments. She knew this modality would be a game changer for so many of her loved ones and beyond, so she became a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, as well as a Reiki Practitioner, and Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner. The journey of healing is just beginning!

White Branch


"Sorry I'm sure you get this all the time but I'm BLOWN AWAY by how my body is reacting to our session. I just did a chakra clearing meditation and my throat is on fire with energy. It's insane! I feel like it's finally getting the energy back and healing."


 "I just wanted to say thanks for working with our whole family. There is laughter again in the house. And this is such a huge deal. I don’t think we have laughed together in years!!!"

- S.L.

"Hannah is amazing and totally changed my life. I had been holding on to emotions that were keeping me stressed and sick. In a few short sessions, she helped me release things I had no control over and I have been able to continue on my healing journey. I would recommend her Emotion Code sessions to anyone!!"

- B.S.

"Wow that was truly amazing. ... You are a master at what you do! There is no doubt to me that through your skills, knowledge and talent, you and I cleared some stuff out of me. I can feel this is a pivotal moment in my life. 

Thank you eternally!!!


I am convinced that what you do and how you communicate your knowledge is important to the world,  especially now. 


Thank you a thousand times, thank you."

- M.P.

"Emotion Code humor goes like this... My mom just texted me 'I actually feel lighter.' I replied, 'Yeah, I do too. But my edema is gone, so I AM lighter.'"

- C.H.

"Thank you, Hannah. I have to tell you that I have not felt this light in body and spirit for a very long time.  I still have the body weight on me -- it's coming off slowly -- but there is a trust coming from within that things are different this time and healing is happening.  I am so glad you reminded me or suggested to remember that feeling of taking my husband to lunch and knowing I was just fine and had all I needed. That has come up for me many times so I remember back, like you said,  and I just feel a joy knowing I am fine and healing.  I don't feel lacking or punished. It's like the broken parts of me are healing and integrating if that makes sense.


Again, thank you for your help."

- B.S.

Hannah is amazing. Her passion and skills surrounding emotion code release are astounding. Not only is she helping me, but she is helping my mom so much as well. You will start to feel lighter after your first session. I am still amazed and learning so much about how much trapped emotions (whether they originated with you or were passed down) can directly effect your health!

-C. H.

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